New Lj

I have a new Lj tis called delinquentlife
Yeah people may be like your not a delinquent, just cuz you may dress like one(if that is even possible) Yeah it has other meanings. I am no delinquent.. I am a perfect Angel ***evil grins*** Anywho.
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Shanked from comadrug235

real first name?:
stab at my middle?:
anything you know about my looks?:
pet peeves?:
favorite kind of music?:
how did we meet?:
how long have you known me/known of me?:
am i a virgin?:
do i smoke?:
do i do drugs?:
do i drink?:
do you have a crush on me?:
do you love me?:
do you want to kidnap me,lock me in your closet and feed me deli meat
because it's the only thing thin enough to fit under the door and take
me out to play with after locking the doors and windows?:
what is one of my favorite things to do?:
what's my best feature?:
what's my worst?:
do i have any special talents?:
do you consider me a friend?:
what would you call me
(punk, goth, prep, poser, stupid ghetto hoe, wigger, what have you)?:
what would you nickname me?:
am i smart?:
given the chance would you go out with me?:
what is your favorite activity to do with me?:
have you ever seen me cry?:
anyway i had an impact on your life?:
have i ever been there for you?:
best character trait?:
do i have good morals/values?:
my biggest problem?:
am i a leader or a follower?:
do you look up at me or down on me?:
am i shy or outgoing?:
am i one of a kind or unoriginal?:
am i funny?:
do i rebel or follow the rules?:
am i too negative or too positive?:
do you think i have a bright future?:
what would be my dream job?:
what should i be?:
what do you expect of me?:
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New Journals(notice)

I'm looking for some new journal places I can sign up new a wilderness?
yeah I know BAD analogy. I saw White chicks it was the most hilarious movie about twins I have actually seen. So if you know of any..please tell me. Other then
teen open diary


Thank you very much


1. 10 Artists(Rock, Alternative, Something like Janis Joplin) Anything, but pop, hip hop, R&b, or rap
2. 3 Books (Mystery, or Mischellaneous possibly)
3. 5 Movies

**Please and Thank you**
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Dro from Deadstar Assembly. He's a great bassist
and has one hell of a personality and he's also
so very very very fine ... on second thoughts,
he's mine! Keep off! :P

Which Gothic Guy is for You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Dro is so incredibly sexy. I'm lovin' the hair undoubtedly.
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I've done it Darn it!

I've made a community. This time it's no sissy community.
You have to apply for it. The first 10 people to apply will automatically be accepted. I made it mostly all by myself. You probably get tired for apply for communties andbeing told you're 'stupid', 'ignorant' whatever. But I will try and make sure no one is disrespected and/or treated badly. so please come join my community!!!
P.S.-Frst 10 to apply will get acceptance Automatically
My community


please come join it!
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Man! i just did this thing too. and now i have to re-do it because my internet went down. it sucks anyways. i'm leaving on thursday not tomorrow because my dad can't make up his mind on when he wants to leave. i just got invited to a chat room by this random person. an dI dont even know.. *shake it off* ohk I'm good. i didnt get that outfit from Hottopic today, instead I stayed home and then went to go get my hair done. i got cornrows and it hurt SOO BAD. i will never get it done again!. Bah, it hurts to touch my head. I get to spend the night at Dan's house next week. Obviously I have to spend the night with Dan beofre the 11th because that's when she is leaving. for florida, my mom wouldnt let me go to florida with her though. i couldnt even if my mom would let me. I have a volleyball camp to go to with hillary an dI have t stay at hillary's for 4 days. I wonder if she can stand me for 4 days. Or will she make me sleep outside of her room. I have the sharp and fast pains on my head. FREAKING cornrows! Blargeny. bum Bum Bum. I may dump todd soon, i really dont want to stay in the 'relationship' with him. he wants it to go to the next level. i dont even wanna make out with him. Blauh...I am a bad person. teehee. Highschool brings many temptations. and many new boysss lmao. Newho, when i go to Kentucky, i hope i get to stay with my cousins. There are 5 of them and we have fun together. I also want to go ride horses there. they have beautiful horses down there. i think my dad knows some guy that owns a ranch with horses and i think moo moos. Hah. he has saddles too so i may get to go ariding without someone telling me what to do. *woot*woot*
I posted in like 8 different communities today, but most of them i got rejected. i'm not going to get emotional about it I mean i am in other communites. i just wanted to try out the applicated communites and now i'm hooked. does anyone know and Communites i can apply to without having to post a picture? If you do could you like give me the name of it?
Or if you knwo some that i would only have to put like one picture in it then just tell me or whatever.
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New Community

I have a Community. I would like my friends to join it and just yeah talk about anything. I'm not sure what to make the theme of my Community. I'm wondering if it should be somewhere where bands can post their websites so that people can like find them or whatever. Then again it could be somewhere for I dunno peopel to post like new bands that they heard of or like dates of concerts that people may be into.. so pleaseeeee join my community. i will get it up and running...and pimped out LMAO.

The name of my community is foamywind0ws

Hope to see you join
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